Susan Parkes

Sales Manager

Energetic, highly organised and a great communicator, Sue Parkes is passionate about the area she lives and works in.

Sue has lived in the Macarthur area, her specialist area for over 20 years. This gives her an unrivalled understanding of the local property market and a rare insight into the community. Sue points out that “like most people, my home is my most significant asset, but it’s much more than an investment; it’s where I was raised. I know that people have a lot of emotion tied to their homes. That’s why I pay so much attention to understanding my client’s needs when they approach me to buy or sell a home”.

As a long-time resident, Sue has a deep appreciation of Macarthur’s cultural diversity and of its growing sophistication. She appreciates all the factors which make the entire region, an increasingly attractive destination for families, including its lush parklands, large suburban blocks and sizable homes.

Sue brings a depth of knowledge, integrity and openness to the task of buying or selling residential property. She says that she “strives to deliver the kind of service I would demand if I were buying or selling a home”. In practise, this means that Sue’s clients receive expert property advice grounded in honesty and transparency. She is tireless in her pursuit of the best possible outcome for her clients, whether buying or selling.

Known for her enthusiasm, Sue possesses excellent follow through skills. Passionate about Real Estate is an ideal fit for Sue. As she observes, at its best, real estate is focused on providing outstanding customer service. This is what it’s all about, and this focus facilitated by systems and processes that make the business of buying and selling property efficient and effective.

What our customers say

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After my initial meeting with Sue, I already had a good feeling about her and she appeared genuine and confident. She did not waste time going through unnecessary marketing or sales pitch and went straight to the hard facts, which is what I was looking for. She was straightforward and was very involved during the whole process. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone planning to sell their property. Highly impressed!

Loreben B.

Sue was committed to selling our property and would follow through to completion any issues that we had. Even though the issues were outside of her responsibility as our agent. I would recommend Sue as an effective and efficient agent. We would certainly appoint Sue as our agent again.

Stephen - St.Andrews